Perfect balance between reliable constructions and innovative solutions that open up new horizons in ice speed skating. ARCHER today performs constant improvement of technology, the highest quality level and absolute style. You can feel a genuine commitment to ice sports and an insightful professional approach in every detail of ARCHER skates. All products are made for the most efficient skating and solid progress.
BONT is an Australian company established in Sydney in 1975. The company uses innovation technology and own developments. BONT manufactures products for a variety of sport market segments, but has achieved the greatest success in inline speedskating.
EVO is the absolute leader in the world of short track equipment. The famous wings on their logo have long been the standard of quality and reliability. EVO equipment is the result of years of experience and an incredible obsession with ice sports and speed. One can never get tired of talking about all the advantages of EVO and their products. All the advantages of EVO products could be listed without an end.
Bolle is a French company with more than a century-old history. Presently, the company is mostly committed to the manufacture of face and eyes protective equipment. Bolle is the world market leader selling their unique products worldwide.
Russian manufacturer of high-quality equipment for short track and speed skating. CORSA focuses on performance and modern design. High-quality suits and apparel are made using the latest technology and of premium quality materials only. CORSA suits will securely protect you, so that you could fully focused only on your results.
Just a few years ago, SKATE-TEC totally blasted up the world of short track and speed skating with extraordinary shapes and technological solutions, breaking the long-established canons and cutting off whatever is superfluous. With every new season, they come off with raising the bar, introducing new and inspiring innovative models. They are one of the few companies that is able to think ahead efficiently, predicting and creating new trends in sports development.
For more than 30 years of successful work, this is probably the most famous brand to inspire the world with respect with the undoubted high quality of their products. Presently, the brand produces sharpening equipment and accessories for speed skating. All products are manufactured in Europe and tested by professional skaters. ZANDSTRA is the guarantee of 100% quality.
"Full speed, maximum safety" is the key philosophy of NEO PROTECTION. Their commitment to anatomical designs makes their products the perfect choice for your body without compromising on mobility or speed. Neck, shin and ankle protection as well as helmets and gloves are specially designed to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and safety.
TYR Sport Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of swimming, triathlon and outdoor products. The company was established in 1985 by Joseph DiLorenzo, swimwear designer, and Steve Furniss, Olympic medalist, former world record holder and captain of the American Olympic swimming team.
This is a recently established Dutch brand that has already proven itself as a manufacturer of speed skating accessories and equipment. Schaatspro sports equipment is the result of a thought-out production process that starts with ideas stemming from the engineers personal experience and passion for sports.
The founder of François Drolet (1998 Nagano Olympic champion) is permanently working to create brand new and innovative solutions, striving to produce perfect sharpening equipment, focusing on details and using only the best materials. NAGANO SKATE grinding stones are the choice of professional athletes around the world.
Originally an Australian brand, STARFIT has officially became Russian in 2017. Reliable quality, unique design, warranty service, ergonomics and ease of use.
Until recently, 4G Groothuis produced only custom boots for a great World Champions cast. Having accumulated the experience of custom boots production, 4G Groothuis developed standard boots. Just as custom boots, the standard boots are handmade and produced with the use of standard orthopedic lasts only.
WORLDTOP is a manufacturer of short track boots standing at the origins of PENNINGTON brand. The company is committed to the development of handmade production combining unique solutions and attention to details. WORLDTOP boots are peculiar for their comfortable fit and light weight.
Choosing the size of overalls

Тренировочные комбинезоны для шорт-трека и конькобежного спорта CORSA BASIC
При выборе размера необходимо ориентироваться на рост и обхват груди спортсмена. Комбинезоны выполнены изэластичной лайкры, которая хорошо растягивается и садится по фигуре спортсмена. Тем не менее, если показатели обхвата груди превышают данные для роста более чем на 8 см, то рекомендуется выбрать следующий размер (рост).

Например: при данных 142/80 рекомендуется выбрать размер 146-152.

122-128 см
170-176 см
128-134 см
64-68 см
134-140 см
68-72 см
140-146 см
72-76 см
146-152 см
76-82 см
152-158 см
80-84 см
158-164 см
80-84 см
164-170 см
84-88 см
170-176 см
88-92 см

Профессиональные конькобежные комбинезоны CORSA (резина)
Комбинезоны сидят очень плотно, обладают эффектом компрессии и помогают сидеть в посадке. В случае пограничных показателей роста рекомендуется выбирать комбинезоны на размер меньше.

Например: для роста 175 см рекомендуется размер M (170-175 см)

150-155 см
155-160 см
160-165 см
165-170 см
170-175 см
175-180 см
180-185 см
185-190 см
190-195 см

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